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Message from Pat Reilly Chairman

Thank you to all who attended the 2014 cpe at the Embassy Suites, Memphis on the 18th. We thank all our
wonderful speakers, Stuart Bayne with an excellent overview of arson and fire investigations and his
always sterling class on ethics for PI's.
Glen Hall offered a unique and fascinating class on defense against electronic surveillance, debugging,
taps, and electronic sweeps with a full panoply of toys and techniques.
As always Tom Miles offered some mensa level facts and little known information and reiterated
the importance of constant learning in this ever changing world in which we're living.
Robert Duhaime of Special Investigations Inc., an investigative consultancy firm based in Brentwood,
Tennessee offered us a brilliant class on accident reconstruction with demonstrations of proper
preparation, photography, computer simulations, technique and history of the business of assembling
facts and analysis regarding the reconstruction of accidents whether industrial, automotive, aeronautical
or boating. Robert, a retired Vermont State Police Detective Sergeant is a court qualified accident
reconstruction expert and court qualified investigative expert and now would like to share that
expertise with licensed investigators.
His soon to be online class will be broken down into three parts:
1. Accident Investigation
2. Advanced accident investigation which will include computerized reconstruction cases.
3. Accident expert reconstruction.
Serial numbered certificates will be issued for each section and issued upon completion of each section.
There will be multiple session for each section done in such a way that the students will be able to view them at their leisure.
The cost of each session is $300.00. Make checks payable to Special Investigations Inc.
at 422 Childe Harold's Lane, Brentwood, Tn. 37027.
Robert will be a contributing writer on the accident investigation topic and will be available
as a reconstruction expert consultant for all students as we move into this field.
Robert's e mail is:
Robert”s phone number: 615 812 7000



Our cpe event will be held in October 2014 And promises to be exciting and expansive. Looking forward to sharing the details. Pat

Our Mission Statement:

  1. To encourage networking, mutual assistance and cooperation among investigators,

  2. To conduct legislative oversight to promote the common
    good, &

  3. To raise the standards of the industry and promote professionalism.


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