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Message from Pat Reilly Chairman

TAI has assembled a great continuing education program scheduled for October 18th 2014 at Embassy Suites, 1022 Shady Grove Road, Memphis. Opening the program will be Stuart Bayne, the fire PI with his expansive and essential presentation and workshop on the essentials of ethics in the PI field. Robert Duhaime, a worldwide known expert in the field of accident reconstruction will follow up with some fascinating information about the insides of traffic accident analysis and will share with us new opportunities for PI's to become certified in this growing and fertile field. Beth Bell, administrative assistant at the Dept. of Commerce and Insurance PI board will be on hand to keep us abreast of recent developments in laws and regulations governing PI activities. Glenn Hall is a lead investigator for Cope Investigative Services licensed in Tennessee and Arkansas and specializes in surveillance and sweeps for electronic devices, having been trained by the equipment manufacturer on the very same equipment used by Army Intelligence personnel. Mr. Hall will share and demonstrate techniques and gear used in these sensitive investigations. Pat Reilly, chairman of TAI will follow up with a summary of the book “The Complete Idiots Guide to Private Investigations,” the book used as a basis for examinations required for licensing of new pi's and their apprentices. This class will be of special interest to new pi's and those interested in adding less experienced staff to their companies. Tom Miles, president of Hawk Security in Memphis is a panoply of unusual information, tricks of the trade, and esoteric investigative techniques and will share them with us to wrap the cpe day. Be prepared to take notes. More details coming...Mark your calendars for Oct 18.



Our cpe event will be held in October 2014 And promises to be exciting and expansive. Looking forward to sharing the details. Pat

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